About Joanna Cunningham

Joanna Cunningham is the author of ‘Sunshine with Scattered Showers – surviving domestic bliss’.

Joanna who is mother to four is also the owner of the SMARTS Education Ltd (www.thesmartseducation.com) which is linked to the ‘Sunshine’ Facebook page.

The SMARTS Education writes and builds educational programmes for schools and families. The schools programmes use play and arts led teaching methods to support children with their behaviour skills. This programme is being implemented in 30 schools around Ireland.

The SMARTS Game is a digital parenting tool. It also uses arts led play to support parents to capture a meaningful, fruitful and fun 10 minute play window with their 3-5 year olds. This play window brings creative play into the digital space so that parents who wish they could capture more high quality play time with their children can do this. Our balance between the digital and the creative offsets the guilt often felt because of over use of digital play sources.